About Me

You'll find me on Codeplex forums as BillKrat, aka Bill Kratochvil (pronounced krat-o-ville).  I am an independent contractor (MCAD.NET C#) who enjoys projects that will permit me to stay on the bleeding edge.   I am currently unavailable as I am contracting on-site (out of state) on a confidential project in the medical industry.

I happen to be married to my best friend who supports me by permitting me to spend hours (days) behind the computer and loves me enough to force me to shutdown when quality time is due - she gives my life balance and purpose.   Diane also has her own successful business; she is a professional Videographer/Photographer (http://www.Amarillo.us.com) and is well respected and loved by her clients (who quickly become her friends).

Authored MSDN Articles - June 2011  July 2011


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