Javascript debugging doesn't work in Visual Studio 2008 - or does it?

by 6. January 2009 09:36

We need to have Crystal Reports support in Silverlight - an adventure I begin this evening...   I started with the HTML BROWSER INTEGRATION tutorial and plan to have a Silverlight event execute a javascript method to open a new window (providing the necessary parameters) for launching our Crystal Report.

The head-banging session started rather early in the game for less than obvious reasons - I couldn't get a breakpoint to work in my Javascript code - they were being ignored :O

Googling "Visual Studio 2008 Javascript" revealed some pretty cool blogs and webcast suggesting it is a plug'n play so obviously it was something on my machine???  No, so there seems to be a bug...

In all my configuration changes (Debug options as well as project) I didn't think to turn off Silverlight (arrow below) because I need to debug my Silverlight application into the Javascript call HOWEVER!  When I turned this off (unchecked it) I was now successfully debugging my Javascript code as advertised.


Seems like an XOR situation; I can either have Silverlight or Javascript debugging but not both....   

I submitted a bug report to Microsoft on the issue so if they are consistent I should have a response within a relatively short period of time letting me know if this is a BUG or FEATURE ;)



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