Using Subversion with Xcode 3 - automated script

by 4. March 2011 11:11

The following link explains how to prepare your SVN repository for use by Xcode 3:

Where there aren't a lot of steps to setting up SVN to work with Xcode, it is far more than I'm use to so I created a script - now I can simply click on a desktop link and use GUI tools to get a new Xcode project hooked up with SCM (Source Code Management) within a few minutes.  The script follows:

makescm (1.89 kb)

When you launch the script from your desktop you will be prompted for the name, i.e., MyProject (highlighted below).  If you type in a name that already exists (DevUtil) then you will be prompted to overwrite.   After hitting enter you will be greated with the options to create the repository for the project or to abort - input 1 to create.

Once created go to "Using Subversion from Xcode" (in link referenced above) which is just above Figure 10 and comply with the steps.   If you encounter an error 210002 while complying with the steps in figure 11 then you'll want to read THIS BLOG for the work-around.

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Error: 210002 (Network connection closed unexpectedly) How to setup SVN on MAC OS X

by 27. February 2011 13:13

If you followed the instructions for Using Subversion with Xcode 3 on Mac OS X Leopard (for Mac OS X 10.6) you were probably greeted with an error 210002 when attempting to comply with the step for configuring the SCM (Source Control Management).

Note: to find your hostname, i.e., "macbook" in //bill@macbook/, click on the Apple (top left), click on System Preferences, and finally click on Sharing; the "Computer Name:" is your hostname.

If you Bing this error you will find you are not alone and there are many dead-end trails with none revealing the true source of the problem.

The workaround is not to use svn+ssh (its a bug - I'll explain more below) but to simply use the file location (assuming you can use local use as I am doing).  Later when development starts getting serious I will use a server share instead of local file access (in case I should lose the harddrive).   This should be a good work-around if you were going to be using svnserve (pre-installed on Leopard with quick setup).

The real problem is hidden by the generic "catch all" error message.   To narrow down the real problem I started by running "URL" (in image above) from the terminal prompt.   The first error "Killed by signal 15" was caused because I used an upper case in my login Bill@macbook (see below).  Once I used lower case I got the real error "permission denied"

from there I opened the security log (/private/var/log/secure.log) as shown in the image below and got to see what the real error was.  Binging this error CLICK HERE  reveals there is an issue with updates made to Kerberos for 10.6.4.

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