SharePoint 2007 - MOSS 2007 Developer Edition won't install on Windows Server 2008

by 24. July 2008 19:56

As soon as Windows Server 2008 became available on my MSDN subscription I installed it - I had installed the beta and was very impressed with the "Vista" look and feel (I've been developing under Vista since it was in beta) but was more impressed with the Remote Desktop services.  MOSS 2007 will be the first application I will be installing under it.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) is on the top of my list to learn (along with WPF and Unity).   I downloaded the MOSS 2007 Developer Trial version (271 meg) and was disappointed to receive the following prompt:

I googled SharePoint Office Server 2007 Trial and found that the Standard and Enterprise Trials offer you the option to download two versions - I'm now downloading the version that has SP1.

I don't recall the developer edition offering the option to download a version with SP1 - after registration I just had a download button.

I believe the download information suggested that Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 was a prerequisite for installation.  The following link suggested that installing WSS on Windows Server 2008 may be an adventure in itself - we'll see....


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