Prism/WCF - Cannot find ServiceReferences.ClientConfig in .xap application package

by 3. January 2009 03:52

I'm using Prism (V8) to create a Silverlight application.  The main Project is the SDMS.Silverlight project which loads the EmployeeModule via it's BootStrapper.GetModuleCatalog() method.

The EmployeeModule references a WCF Web Service to obtain the Employee list - the ServiceProvider service (shown in EmployeeModule/ServiceReferences below) has a corresponding ServiceReferences.ClientConfig file which is not being found by Silverlight when the EmployeeService.GetEmployeeList() executes.

When I launch the application I receive the the following error:

     Cannot find 'ServiceReferences.ClientConfig' in the .xap application package  


Silverlight obviously found the EmployeeModule assembly but cannot find the ServiceReferences.ClientConfig it contains.

The cure is to provide the Application assembly (SDMS.Silverlight) with a reference to it.  This can be easily done by right clicking on the file and selecting copy - it will copy the fullpath to the clipboard.

Next you'll want to go to the main assembly, in our case SDMS.Silverlight, and add an existing item - the IMPORTANT PART is to click the down triangle on the "Add" button and select "Add Link" as shown in the image below:

Now as the EmployeeModule's ServiceProvider is updated the main assembly will also be updated.  Our silverlight application now runs without issue. 

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