Sqlite for Windows Phone 7 (Desktop and Silverlight)

by 14. January 2011 23:19

If you are looking for a SQL Database for your Windows Phone you may want to visit our Password Manager open source project on CodePlex (http://PasswordMgr.CodePlex.com).   We modified Dan Ardelean's Sqlite prototype (he ported CSharp-Sqlite by Noah Hart to Phone) so that it is supported consistently on all three platforms (Phone, Desktop and Silverlight) w/unit test as shown in the images below.

To make it easier to work with we created a SqliteDataProvider - below we show it being used in the FixtureBase (unit test baseclass) to create test tables.

The actual code (for all libraries) reside in the .Phone projects.  All other projects, to include test projects,  "Link" to the .Phone projects.  The assumption with the Unit Test is that if it will compile on the .Phone platform, it will run consistently with the other platforms since they are the same exact code (with minor platform modifications).  Below is the Unit Test used for TDD of the SqliteDataProvider:


Blog videos and references to CodePlex projects are no longer valid