MAC OS X - Connecting to Windows Shares

by 5. March 2011 00:18

I have a heavy investment in my Microsoft development environment, to include image editors, that I don't want to have to duplicate in my Apple development environment.  Fortunately with a few steps I was able to easily share resources.

Open up the Finder window and hold the Command key and press K

You will see the following window where you can browse or specify the server you want to connect to.  The MAC syntax is to preceed the server with "smb://" as shown below.   I hit the + button and added it to my server volume list.

In case your curious this is accessible from the Finder's GO Menu

Once you connect to a share you will be able to access it via a new icon (BDrive below) or from the /Volumes folder.   Below I do a directory listing (ls -l) to view the contents of the /volumes/bdrive/apple folder structure that I created on my GWNServer for apple files.

To make image editing easy for I make an alias of the Images folder, drag it to the desktop, rename it to simply show "Images", and then I delete the alias (Images alias) below.

For blogging all I have to do is hit Command-Shift-4, which provides me a cross-hatch cursor, that I can drag until I captured the screen area I am interested in and when I let go of the mouse button my image appears on the desktop.   I simply drag it to my Images icon on the desktop (above) and delete the desktop version. 



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