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by 5. March 2011 00:49

If you told me a year ago I'd be programming on an Apple I would have laughed at you, even though I started with an Apple][C (programming 65C02 assembly), I have been a loyal Microsoft developer/crony for over 20 years.  BUT, I have to keep up with the times and programming for the IPhone and IPad is something that will be beneficial to clients - so it was time to go to "the dark side".  

It is not as painful as I thought it would be and I'm actually starting to enjoy the Mac environment and am looking forward to learning the infrastructure, Xcode development environment and Objective-C.   After a $1,500.00 dollar investment for a MacPro laptop (13 inch), a Magic Mouse and Keyboard I have a modest start.   I was extremely pleased to find that my USB DisplayLink had a driver for Mac so I get to continue to enjoy my dual screen development environment on my Mac laptop as easily as my HP laptop using my 22 inch flat screen as the second monitor.

Coming from the HP world the Magic Mouse was an excellent investment, I have my scrolling, left, and right click capabilities (I was lost without a right click).  The keyboard was another excellent investment because it gave me my numeric keypad - I'd recommend both if, like myself, you are coming from the HP world.

With my sleeves rolled up and my Mac now connected to my server more, all I needed was access to the tools that I'm use to having - such as my image editors.

Enter stage left - Remote desktop connection for the Mac, provided by Microsoft!   Where my MSDN professional subscription did not provide it I was excited to see that my Technet subscription did!  I downloaded the "Office for Mac Home and Business 2011" and happy to find that I now have Word, Xcel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Document Connection, and of course Remote Desktop! 

Once installed you can execute the Remote Desktop Connection and while the window is open setup the preferences from the RDC menu.   I have use my second monitor (full screen) for my Microsoft platform, this is convenient because I can still use it for the Mac side.

In addition to the following settings I also selected the "Drives" menu option and have it share all drives - this way I can save directly to the Mac from my Microsoft environment.

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